Selected Articles

"I saw the unbearable grief inflicted on families by cobalt mining. I pray for change"
The Guardian

"Is your phone tainted by the misery of the 35,000 children in Congo's mines?"
The Guardian

"Open letter to anyone who uses a smartphone, drives an electric car, or flies on a plane"

"Robert Kraft prostitution scandal exposes depth of modern slavery, sex trafficking industry"
USA Today

"Human Life is More Expendable: Why Slavery Has Never Made More Money"
The Guardian

"A Global Economy Untainted by Slavery"
The Guardian

"Modern Slavery Q&A: Siddharth Kara"
The Economist

"How to End Sex Trafficking and Modern-Day Slavery"

"Slavery: The Bottom Line"
Boston Globe

"Tracking Modern-Day Slavery"
India Abroad

"Into the Lair of Traffickers"
The Star (Malaysia)

"Fighting Modern Slavery: Fellows Friday with Siddharth Kara"

Selected Blogs: CNN

"India's Children Suffer in Brutal Conditions"

"Shrimp Exports to West Tied to Bonded Labor"

"Bonded Labor Stretches from Third to First World"

"Researching the Cruel World of Sex Trafficking in South Asia"

"Community Vigilance: 10 Steps People Can Take to Help Combat Human Trafficking"

"A $110 Loan, Then 20 Years of Debt Bondage"

"Attacking the Demand for Child Sex Trafficking"

"Juju Oaths Ensnare Trafficking Victims Mind, Body and Soul"

"Hard Evidence of Child Labor at 2010 Commonwealth Games"

"On the Trail of Human Trafficking: Stone Breaking Industry in Nepal"

"On the Trail of Human Trafficking: Forced Labor in Nepal"

"On the Trail of Human Trafficking: Sex Industry in Nepal"

"India's Forced Labor"

"India's Carpet Industry Plagued by Child Labor"

"On the Trail of Forced Labor in Bangladesh"

"On the Trail of Child Labor in Bangladesh"

"On the Trail of Human Trafficking"